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M-66 A Super cam mobile led teeth light whitening machine/zoom teeth whitening lamps

Type:Teeth Whitening
Place of Origin:Taiwan
Brand Name:Super cam
Model Number:M-66A
Key words:zoom teeth whitening lamps
warranty:1 year
Gross Weight::7.06KG
Light Output power:up to 2000Mw/CM2
Broad Spectrum:430nm~490nm (Host lamps)
led:4 pieces


zoom teeth whitening lamps

4 blue led

:up to 2000Mw/CM2

430nm~490nm (Host lamps)



M-66A super cam mobile led teeth light whitening machine/          dental laboratory instrument  zoom teeth whitening lamps

Product Description


Product information


Product’s Name Professional Teeth whitening accelerator
Brand Name SUPER CAM
Model Number M-66A
Blue Light LED 4 Pieces
Operation Temp. -20°C ~ 60°C
Color white
Gross Weight 7.06KG
Size 57*33*29.5CM
Voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Warranty Time One year
Broad Spectrum 430nm~490nm (Host lamps)
Light Output power up to 2000Mw/CM2
Max. Working Radius 50cm


Product function 


1.High efficiency goose pipe design, adjust angle at random, convenient for use.

2.Combination of high power BLUE led.

3.Tunable bleaching time with microprocessor-controlled timer presets.

4.Digital indicator with audio feedback

5.Smart auto-select power: 100~240V 50/60 Hz for global use.

6.High speed Multi-Arch teeth whitening system.

7.Small base size design, suitable use in dental clinic

8.Hight uniformity of light output.

9.Hight sensitive infrared remote control setting function.

10.Enclosed disposible sheath, prevent cross-infection,clean and convenient,let patient feel relieved.


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